UoK Officially Whitelisted by Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education

29 August 2022 | 17:36 Code : 20507 News

Following a visit to the university campus, cultural of attaché from the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq, Dr. Amjad Hamid Al-Muzaffar, delivered the official letter concerning the University of Kashan’s restoration on the list of the authorized higher education institutes in Iran which can admit students on the upcoming academic year 2022-23.

After almost 6 years that University of Kashan was blacklisted on Iraqi counterparts Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Researches' list of authorized institutes and in response to endeavours of the authorities at University of Kashan, the chancellor Dr. Abbas Ketabi and the head of International Scientific Cooperation Office, Dr. Alireza Javadi, University of Kashan will augment student admission for the forthcoming academic year.

Dr. Abbas Ketabi added: with the restoration of University of Kashan on the list of authorized higher education institutes in Iran, chances of mutual cooperation and attracting Iraqi students along with scientific exchanges will be facilitated.

Starting on September 22, carrying out research and scientific work in scientific fields with Iraqi university researchers will be part of the university program, Dr. Ketabi confirmed.

Dr. Ketabi concluded that “these scientific exchanges and joint scientific research activities can cover various grounds including professor exchanges, conducting joint researches, holding joint scientific conferences, holding short and long-term educational and research courses, and more.

The following official letter from reads: “We are pleased to announce that this university is authorized by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Researches of the Republic of Iraq for the year 2022-23.”

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